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We provide temporary and interim quality assurance staff to food businesses to cover every eventuality at short notice.  Our QA staff will get up to speed and operate with minimum acclimation needed.  Get the temporary agronomic, scientific and technical staff you need to ensure continued food quality and food safety at all times. Don't put projects on hold because you can't free up the necessary staff or QA/QC personnel, you run a business and your ability to consistently deliver quality is a necessity.


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Food Science Consultants

Our diversity and experience has enabled us to be sensitive to communication and cultural differences globally. Our strategy is simple, to increase the financial return on investments for our clients by designing and implementing quality and safety strategies that decrease product risk and increase market years for your ability to be viable in the food business.

Do you want to increase sales and take your company to new heights of Excellence?

With breakthrough services for the food industry, GloboFruit has become a leading provider of consulting in quality assurance and food safety.

So now is the time to ensure that you offer the best next to GloboFruit. Since food quality standards, from training to marketing, we can help your business reach new levels of excellence.

First, companies must comply with food regulations, with the risk of removing products from shelves if they do not meet properly. We not only gain access to the quality of its products, but also we make sure that you are following the complicated rules of food safety, as well as, provide auditing services, so you can work on feedback and continuous improvement of its business.

With our wide range of expertise we can also advise on marketing, certification and training so you can create the best results and higher profits for your business. We also offer inspection and assessment of loss, consulting solutions and more.

Discover The Top Three Causes of Poor Quality

GloboFruit is a specialist provider of food safety, QA/QC, food science consultancy and inspections with 8+ years of experience in exceeding client's expectations. Our quality inspection team has over 100+ combined experiences and currently works on behalf of a broad spectrum of global clients across the food and beverage industries.

We are exceptionally qualified providers of unbiased information and related services based on regulated and current industry standards. To say that we know food quality is an understatement: Our Quality Inspectors currently manage quality inspection solutions on purchases to a total value of $100s millions. This expertise could be saving your business money, time and wasted product today!

Food Quality Consultants

No whatever what the reason, we can assess the quality of frozen, prepared, canned, bottled, packaged, fresh food whether it is agriculture, food, meats, poultry, seafood, beverages and commodities. Whether from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific, our staff can devise a fully compliant food inspection program either at supplier premises, central distribution points or at your outlets, stores and centers of operations, we can monitor the quality of the food against the purchase specifications and provide, you your suppliers and your distributors with the tools you need to make necessary improvements or corrective and preventative actions.

Regular Food QA/QC Inspections to Manage Consistent Supplier Quality

Your business can benefit from our inspection solutions which are designed to help you manage food quality and supplier quality - never leave things to chance. A regular quality inspection program will help you to identify any areas in which food quality is not meeting the agreed purchase specifications or country requirements. Whether you are an Agricultural Company, Buyer, Cold Storage Company, College or University, Cooperative, Exporter, Farm, Foodservice Operator, Fresh Cut Processors, Frozen Processors, Grower, Hospital, Hotel, Importer, Institution, Insurance Company, Marketer, Marketing Board, Nursing Home, Organic Concern, Retailer, Regulator, Seller, Shipper, Supermarket, Terminal Market or Wholesaler.

GloboFruit is a leading supplier of food quality and safety consulting and food quality assurance and safety solutions for fresh, prepared and frozen foods, fruits, vegetables, produce, beverages, ingredients, herbals/ nutraceuticals, seafood, poultry,meat and commodities, across the grower, shipper, handler, wholesaler, importer, distributor, operator, retailer, processor and institutional markets.

Food Safety Consultants

Food safety is not a choice, it's mandatory and a good business practice. To help you untangle the confusion of new regulations and be fully compliant, we have technical expertise and food industry consultants based worldwide. We are able to advise on food safety systems, regulations, standards, quality assurance and control, or salient input into development of systems such as HACCP, cGMP, GAP, carry out hygiene inspections of all supply chain elements, or to provide assistance in performing supplier audits or qualification audits.

Keep up with Your Supplier Audits and Approvals

Tap into 100+ years of scientific and technical expertise to help your business keep up with essential supplier and self auditing. This can be a safety or technical exercise, such as requesting paperwork and certificates upon which supplier approvals are based, or an audit on-site, auditing against the standard agreed between you and your suppliers. We know that you need to focus on running the business and increasing sales, so why not use our expertise and ensure if the same is requested of you, you can also comply; you are part of the supply chain after all.

GloboFruit's Supplier Management Solutions

You can use our expertise to manage the quality of your food supply chain. We can develop the standards your suppliers and customers need to maintain and achieve, guaranteeing a consistent quality of supply appropriate to your business and risk profile. We can then conduct the audits when and where necessary, and help you and your quality team to carry out supplier approvals to ensure your due diligence from a supplier quality perspective. Similarly, we can provide you with documentation that demonstrates your commitment to quality and continuing to provide safe and compliant food, beverages and commodities.

Once your suppliers are all in place, we can help to ensure you get the right quality of food and ingredients by working with you and your suppliers to develop accurate and appropriate quality specifications for the products you are purchasing. Once those specifications are agreed and in place, we can also perform the inspections and random checks necessary to ensure you are getting the agreed quality of goods from all of your suppliers in the chain.

GloboFruit provides services and develops food standards for the entire food supply chain, from primary production through to manufactured food and retail outlets. Companies must comply with the regulations or their products can be withdrawn from the shelves, penalties applied or at worst confiscated, prior to entering intended Countries.

Food Inspection and Surveying Services

As an important part of the supply chain, your company may issue or be subject to claims due to product quality that does not meet requirements on arrival at its destination market. Our Loss Assessment solutions are designed to provide you with a quick and efficient response to this need as and when it may arise.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Quality Assurance Staff:
>> No gaps in coverage during peak holiday periods
>> Complete peace of mind that the personnel operating on your behalf are professional and competent
>> Specialists that operate as part of your team, not just as consultants
>> Cost effective both as long or short term support
>> Skilled report preparation that will fit into your existing information systems
>> On-going technical and quality support to your purchasing team
>> Should you need Quality Assurance Personnel to fill gaps during busy holiday periods, support for particular projects, or cover during a recruitment period, you can simply let us know the skills you need and the geographical location, and we will let you know how we can help.

GloboFruit ensures safe food by developing and reviewing effective food standards for all food products globally. We are an integral part of a strong food regulatory system operating between governments at all levels globally. We assist you in ensuring your food product conforms to the applicable Regulatory Food Standards Code and meets the relevant food nutritional , labeling and legal requirements.

How Can GloboFruit's Quality Inspections Save You Money?

If your business purchases large volumes of food through a large scale distribution network, there is the potential for adulterated and contaminated food otherwise unfit for sale.

We are not importers, brokers or buyers, and we do not participate in the buying or selling of any products. We provide information and services that may influence the decision to buy specific products and do it with the utmost care and adherence to current good and best practices. Our goal is simple; we supply our customers with the most accurate information possible, enabling them to make educated buying, selling, planning and implementation decisions.

We have the expertise and experience to minimize the impact of that distribution on your food quality.  Our Food Safety & Quality Assurance solutions are designed to:

>> Identify those products and practices within your food distribution chain which do not comply with the purchase specifications or regulatory requirements

>>Address the complaints coming from your customers and regulators and work with suppliers to reduce them

>>Minimize quality rejections at port, depot, delivery and customer level

>> Bring about a real and measurable improvement of the food quality and integrity throughout your business and supply chain.

Food Inspection and Surveying Services

As an important part of the supply chain, your company may issue or be subject to claims due to product quality that does not meet requirements on arrival at its destination market. Our Loss Assessment solutions are designed to provide you with a quick and efficient response to this need as and when it may arise.

How Does GloboFruit Improve Your Food Quality?

Our solutions are developed to assess a set sample of product against your purchase and regulatory specifications, which will usually take into account the following elements of quality.
>> Mould, Rot and Product Breakdown
>> Freshness and signs of age
>> Weight of food, or weight of packs
>> Product Size where necessary
>> Internal / Cutting quality
>> Labeling Requirements
>> Country of Origin
>> Color and General Condition
>> Food Safety Testing
>> Mould, Rot and Product Breakdown

Our solutions are designed help you process:

>> Achieve consistent yield and uniformity from product to product and batch to batch;
>> Increase traceability, data accessibility, transparency, and reporting accuracy;
>> Reduce supply chain risk and improves safety and quality;
>> Reduce the necessity of multiple audits;
>> Improve cycle time for key processes: SOP approvals, changes, corrective actions;
>> Reduce overhead, waste, and costs;
>> Ensure the food safety process is validated, verified, implemented, monitored, and managed;
>> Increases trust along the entire production process for complete sustainability; and
>> Increase awareness across the enterprise.

Our Quality Assurance Staff have the following skill sets:

While we do not operate strictly as a Quality Control/Quality Assurance Provider, we have a large and highly skilled team of quality assurance personnel, who are used to operating in a wide range of food businesses and food distribution environments, and can get up to speed quickly in order to cover whatever gaps you might have in your own in-house QA Staff:'

>> Food Quality Inspectors
>> Food Science Technologists
>> Environmental Health Professionals
>> QA/QC Trainers
>> Food Safety Inspectors
>> Pre and Post-Harvest Technologists
>> Pre and Post-Shipment Technologists
>> Pre-Planting Technologists
>> Product Recall Technologists
>> Quality Assurance Technologists
>> Quality Control Technologists
>> Standards/ SOP Development
>> Traceability Technologists
>> Value Chain Technologists
>> Vendor Qualification Technologists
>> Regulatory Compliance

GloboFruit OKYS Process


What They Say

quote  "At GloboFruit we exceed our client's expectations. We are adept at managing our clients busy season and whether you are based in North America, South America, Europe, Africa or Asia, from plough to plate, we are the Global Partners that Get It!" Safety matters and integrity is good for business."
S. Bruce, Operations, Trinidad, W.I

quote    "GloboFruit gets it. They focus on delivering results and driving quality throughout our supply chain. They are professional and highly knowledgeable. They helped add value to our business by making complex safety and regulatory requirements simple. If you are looking for Quality and Safety Consultants, you've found the very best."
Daniel - Spain (Exporter)

quote   "Our number one priority is delivering solutions that increase product quality and shelf life, but also reduce risks to safety and quality for our clients and their customers. At GloboFruit, you can expect the best - the best team, the best solution and best implementation approach."
Nayips (Director of Quality)


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